Do Not Believe the Lies

Why is it that evil speaks to the mind of a generation? Why is it that evil is accepted as truth? When evil is accepted as truth and a generation believes that they cannot be strong because they need evil to make it. Evil speaks and they obey. Evil whispers you need me, to survive. Drink me, smoke me, sex me, you cannot cope without me, there is no hope, no love, give up, sit down, you have no future. " A generation says yes! I am depressed, feeling lost, alone, and afraid. I am helpless. I need others to survive. I feel like giving up. 

Is the Question asked "Who is? Hope, Faith, Love? What is the purpose? What is time?  Angel Hope is right there next to you. Angel Faith is waiting for you. Love is You! Yes, You. You were born in the image of Love, to fulfill purpose and destiny. Every breath within you is the breath of Love. Love is. Will forever be. Love! Hope is saying all is not lost. Have Faith, believe in something you cannot see for if you speak it! believe it! It will become your reality. Hope there's a better tomorrow, it is time to allow your angels to work for you. It is up to you, to say, I shall not die, l shall live and do all that was planned for my life.

I am unique, special. I was born on time, in time for a purpose. l will not allow the demon imps of evil to take my life, mess with my mind, my destiny. My life belongs to LOVE and His Name is JESUS. Yes! It's time to Arise and not allow evil to mess with your mind. It is time to Arise and deny the lies of evil. Believe you will Survive. Fulfill the plan God has for your life. Arise! Hope have faith let the Love of God arise for there are Angels by your side. Wanting you to live and not die. Do not give up, do not believe the lies. Believe, in Jesus He has a plan for your life. You will Survive and not die; your life is a candle a light shining bright, carry your candle, light up your world.

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